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Apprentices have been our ‘bread and butter’ for many years and we’ve placed thousands of apprentices with employers. We are well placed to find the right apprenticeship to match your business and will support you through every step from recruitment through to training.

The variety of apprenticeships that are now available means that employers can not only recruit, train and shape new employees at intermediate level but also develop skills of existing employees. Higher apprenticeships can be used to help upskill current employees through training right up to university-level qualifications.

Why take on an apprentice?

Employers often tell us that integrating apprenticeships into their organisation brings a range of additional benefits to their business by providing:

  • a fresh approach and fresh ideas
  • improved productivity
  • reduced recruitment costs
  • a significant return on investment
  • and addressing any skills gaps
  • plus it helps shape a loyal workforce.

How does an apprenticeship programme work?

An apprentice will learn while they work. This may take the form of a day release to a college or other centre of learning, or they could be based on your premises for five days a week, completing their studies at work; how the apprenticeship is designed is based on the needs of you and your apprentice.

You don’t need to employ a new member staff in order to benefit from apprenticeships. Most employers choose to recruit new people as apprentices but you can place an existing member of staff on an apprenticeship if they have taken on additional responsibilities or moved to a new role. This can be an effective way of training members of staff who have been identified as having great potential and want to develop their skills further.